ADA project shares its results openly and freely with everyone with an aim to:

  • up-skill educators and trainers,
  • develop the training offer on emerging technologies for European adult citizens,
  • support the exchange of processes, formats, solutions and needs,
  • facilitate the adoption of the DigComp framework,
  • offer trainings supporting the social inclusion in digital transformation.


Here are the main deliverables of our project:

Development of All Digital Academy

D2.2 ADA digital environment

D2.3 Self-assessment online tool (SAT) 

D2.4 Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) 

D2.5 Open Educational Resources (OERs) repository 

D2.6 Training plan / handbook for trainers 


Capacity building and training

D3.7 Community of Practice (CoP) 

D3.8 Training activity report (MOOCs

D3.9 Capacity building activity report (webinars and CoP) 

D3.10 Toolkit on emerging technologies 



D4.11 Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation Plan + ADA visual identity 

D4.12 Project website


Quality Assurance

D5.13 Quality Assurance Plan and tools 

D5.14 Progress & Final QA Reports 

D5.15 Evaluation ReportADA digital environment and the MOOC