ALL DIGITAL ACADEMY Offers Free MOOCs for Adult Trainers on AI and IoT!

Are you an adult educator or trainer interested in covering Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) in your training offer but you have limited or no knowledge in these emerging technologies?

ALL DIGITAL ACADEMY (ADA) would like to support you in keeping up with the digital transformation through training and capacity building activities.


Take a look at our brochures to see all details about our MOOCs:


Registration is currently open to join the free Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) on AI and IoT to start on the 3rd of July!
Join the ADA platform and register for the MOOCs HERE.


You can participate in MOOCs during one of three cycles:

  • 3 July - 25 September 2023 (12 weeks)
  • 9 October - 25 December 2023 (12 weeks)
  • 22 January - 26 February 2024 (6 weeks)


  • 2 hours per week for 12 weeks, for a total of 24 hours including an estimated study time
  • Courses and materials are entirely self-administered
  • No synchronous sessions but online tutors will be available for questions
  • Interface, learning content and tests are available in English only


Adult educators and trainers completing the MOOCS will:

  • get equipped with the basic understanding and skills on AI and IoT
  • gain the necessary knowledge to set up and deliver engaging awareness and learning experiences on AI and IoT for adult learners
  • receive a certificate of successful course completion, based on the average of their module scores (i.e. average score equal or above 60%)



  • Module 1. The History of AI (optional)
  • Module 2. Introduction to AI
  • Module 3. How AI Works
  • Module 4. Hands-On AI
  • Module 5. Applications of AI
  • Module 6. Ethics and Responsible AI

MOOC on IoT:

  • Module 1. Introduction to IoT
  • Module 2. IoT fundamentals
  • Module 3. The "things" in IoT
  • Module 4. Interconnection and communication
  • Module 5. Computing architectures
  • Module 6. Hardware IoT platforms
  • Module 7. Software tools for IoT applications development
  • Module 8. From data to knowledge
  • Module 9. User interaction
  • Module 10. Security, privacy and ethics
  • Module 11. The business end of IoT
  • Module 12. Selected use cases